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MK93 Soft Mount
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MK123 Airborne Tripod
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M24/H60 Small Pintle
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M82C Barrett Mount

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MK82B Vehicular Barrett Mount
Available in OD Green, Black, Desert Tan, and Naval Grey.  Quick detachable, one pin installation.  No mods to the gun.

Universal Pintle Adaptor
Universal Pintle Adaptor (UPA) this is used when adapting from the large vehicle stepped pintle socket down to the short tapered pintle socket used on the MK64 and MK93 mounts or in the M2 and M3 tripods.  These units are completely refinished.  First we sand blast it then park it in a dark mag finish then the main body is powder coated with a mil-spec powder, in your choice of color OD Green or Desert tan.

Pintle for MK64 Mounts
New pintle for MK64 mounts with washer and lock nut.  This is an over run of a military order we have just completed.  Made from 4140 steel.  Comes with a new locking jam nut and tapered washer.  Pintle and washer are finished in a dark Mag Parkerizing.

Complete Softmount MK26 and MK16 Setup
This is a complete MK26 50 cal softmout with the armor plate and the correct front sight.  The MK26 is sitting on a MK16 tripod with a MK48 socket.  The MK26 can be removed and any of the US or NATO mounts will fit in.  This is a drop in your gun and have at it sale no other parts are needed to use this setup with a full auto M2/M3.  M2 in photos is sold separately.
Sale includes 1 of each of the following:
MK26 softmount with the armor plate and mount
MK26 Ammo can holder
Front sight for a 50 cal M2/M3
Auxiliary Trigger for an M2/M3 full auto
MK16 Navy Tripod
MK48 NAPCO socket

30/50 Tapered Pintle
This is a US GI Pintle used on the M2 and M3 tripods.  It is also used in the center of the MK64 mount when using an M2 or the M3 .50 Cal. instead of the MK19 grenade launcher.

M3 Tripod with Large Pintle Socket
M3 Tripod with a large Pintle socket instead of the small tapered socket.  This allows you to mount one of the cradles normally used on vehicles or the larger MK16 tripod to a lower ground mount.  Our tripods are all degreased, pressure washed, disassembled, sand blasted, parked in a dark Mag finish, powder coated and reassembled.  When done they look like new.  Colors Available: OD Green (mil-spec), Desert Tan (mil-spec), Black (H&K Low Gloss)

MK64 .50 Cal Adaptors with S/S Bolt
This is the adaptor needed to mount the .50 Cal M2 and M3 to the MK64 mount.  Adaptors are in like new condition and come with a new stainless cross bolt and stainless lock nut.

Front Sight for .50 Cal Softmount
This is the proper sight when using your M2 or M3 .50 Cal in the MK26 softmount.  Direct replacement of the standard front sight.  US GI, built in windage and elevation adjustments.  Like new condition.

MK18 Manual 40mm Grenade Launcher Mount
Mount for the hand crank 40mm MK18 used on the PBRs in Vietnam.  Mounts are in like new condition.

Amidships Gun Station for River Patrol Boats
This is the same as the M48 Jeep mount.  We found this on a Vietnam Era PBR in a small museum in Indiana.  Our mounts are 100% US GI not reproductions.  Mounts are in very good to like new condition.  The M142 Cradle the M60 in the photo is not included and are sold separately when in stock.

Travel Bar T&E Adaptor for M4 Pedestal
Travel bar used on the M4 pedestal and allows you to use the standard 30 or 50 Cal T&E pined to the back of the gun.  Very good condition.  US GI surplus.

Old Style M23 Equilibrator .50 Cal Mount (Armor)
Old style M23 machine gun mount this is the correct type to be used on armored vehicles.  Comes with or without can holder.  Good condition.  US GI surplus.

M23 Equilibrator .50 Cal Mount US GI
This mount is still in use today.  Outstanding way to mount your .50 Cal belt gun.  Used condition.  Ammo can holders are available separately.

Replacement Pintle Yoke for M23 Machine Gun Mount
Very good condition replacement part for the M23 Equilibrator Mount.  US GI surplus.

US GI M63 Handle Bar Adaptor New Condition
M63 AA mount handle bars.  this is the back half of the M63 anti-aircraft mount.  The handle bars can be mounted to most of our 30/50 combo mounts.  With out modifiction to the mount or to the bars, as seen in photo.  30/50 mount not included.  All parts are new old stock unused condition.  Side trigger is not included and may not be needed if using a side firing solenoids.

Machine Gun Cradle Pin Set New US GI
New condition in the GI grease lots of grease.  Set is 2 long skinny pins and 4 long thick pins.  You can easily cut down the thick ones to make the short thick pin used on some cradle mounts.

Travel Bar with Pin
Original US GI in very good condition.

Rear T&E Bracket for Fixed Belt Machine Guns
Rear T&E bracket for fixed belt machine guns.  Used in aircraft and some armored vehicles.  US GI.  Good condition.

Front Mount Bracket for Fixed Belt Feed Machine Guns
Front mounting bracket for fixed belt feed machine guns.  Used in aircraft and some armored vehicles.  US GI NOS condition.

MK16 navy tripod in excellent condition.  Complete with a NAPCO type US M48 socket.

M48 Dash Mount w/ D38579 BAR/.30 Cal Mount and 1919 Ammo Can Holder
M48 dash mount for most Jeeps.  Comes with mounting hardware, glove box mount, spacers, nuts and bolts.  US GI.  Excellent condition.  These are original GI mounts not reproductions.  Complete as seen in the last photo.

Late Style .30/.50 Combo Cradle
As shown.  Excellent condition.

M66 Ring Mount Set
Used, excellent condition M66 weapon ring mounts as used on M series 6x6 trucks.  Complete with a set of 3 legs to fit the M series trucks or a set of 4 legs to fit the M548 series tracked vehicles (mint condition, no photo) your choice.  the ring also comes with the 50 Cal. equilibrator mount and the adaptor to fit the old style pintle.

ACAV Mount
ACAV Mount used on the Gun Truck in Viet Nam and on 113 APC's of the same time period.  They use the long pintle socket that fits the soft mount or  most other .50 cal or .30 cal US and NATO cradles.

MAG 58 Tripod Soft with 1919 Adaptor
Soft mount tripod for the MAG 58 with the adaptors to fit a 1919 30 cal Browning.  Light weight and lots of adjustments to each leg with T&E locks.  Very good condition.

MK58 Navy Machine Gun Mount
NOS, surplus machine gun mounts that accept any of the Browning short socket pintles or M60 goosenecks.  Unique design originally used for mounting small arms to gunwales and bulkheads on naval vessels.  Can be used as mount on variety of vehicles, fixed positions or in the shop to secure your favorite belt gun to the work bench for cleaning or repair.  Has brass socket insert and spring loaded pintle lock like the .30 cal tripod.  (Machine gun and machine mount not included).

50 Cal M2 Machine Gun Softmount
This is the 50 Cal M2 machine gun mount that is currently used by the Navy and the Marines on ships and on ground vehicles.  It uses a very unique twin shock absorber set up that removes almost 100% of the felt recoil from the M2.  Mount comes with mounting pins and new trigger.  This mount has the standard long stepped pintle and will fit in the M4 pedestals and in most of the ring mounts on most US Vehicles.  We do have a small amount of the Armor shields and mounting brackets.  This is real armor not mild steel and wills top 30 Cal AP and even 50 Cal BMG ball ammunition.





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$199.00 Each

$195.00 Each

M48 Mount Only - $325.00 Each
M142 Cradle - $395.00 Each


$525.00 with Can Holder
$475.00 without Can Holder




$20.00 per set
$5.00 shipping per order in the USA 48





Still Available:
M48 Dash Mount Assembly without D38579 Pintle or 1919 Ammo Can Holder - $400.00





In stock ready to ship.

$3,200.00 without Armor Plate
$3,850 with Armor Plate